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Would you like to hear from the world’s leading functional health experts on critical topics such as nutrition, exercise, weight loss, gluten sensitivity, life changing habits, healthy aging, optimal living, natural solutions for chronic diseases…and much more?

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The Functional Health Summit is a FREE online event that brings some of the world’s leading health experts straight to you.  You will get practical, hard-hitting, innovative advice on how you can improve all areas of your life.  The tips and strategies shared by these leaders can be put to use immediately so you can start living your best life ever.

Dr. Ritchie I want to thank you and everyone involved in this Summit – A lot of work and thought went into it and I sincerely feel blessed to have been invited.

~Sandra (2014 FHS attendee)

Thank you very much for hosting this summit – it was fantastic listening to some of your speakers and it never amazes me how much more we learn every day. I did not se SUMMER BOCK being interview and I feel she would have been a great asset regarding gut health. She is the one that was instrumental for me to ferment veggies and putting back the friendly bacteria in my gut to fix the autoimmune thyroid problem. Anyway this was fabulous and I thank you for bringing this summit on for thousends to immprove their health.

~Maria Pache (2015 Summit)

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Join us April 14-21st for this FREE Online Event!

Meet Your Hosts

dr. dan ritchie

Dr. Dan Ritchie, received his PhD at Purdue University studying Exercise and Aging. He recently was honored at the Personal Trainer of the Year 2014 by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. Dr. Dan was named PFP Trainer of the Year 2014 out of 500 trainers and 8 nations. He has co-authored a book entitled Never Grow Old and is the co-founder of the Functional Aging Institute, trainer of fitness professionals and personal trainers around the world in the techniques of Functional Aging Training, and co-owner of two fitness facilities catering to the 50 plus market. Dr. Dan’s passion is helping people of all ages live life to the fullest. He lives in Indiana with his wife and 5 children.

dr. peter osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Origins Healthcare Center in Sugar Land, TX (just southwest of Houston). He is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association and is a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine. He is an expert in orthomolecular and functional pastoral medicine. He has been practicing since 2001. His clinical focus is the holistic natural treatment of chronic degenerative diseases with a primary focus on gluten sensitivity and food allergies. He has helped thousands of patients recover from mysterious medical illnesses.

Dr. cody Sipe

Dr. Cody Sipe is an award-winning fitness professional, professor and author. After 20 years in the fitness industry he has become recognized as an innovative leader and expert in functional exercise for mature adults. Dr. Sipe’s work centers around how to improve balance, mobility and functional ability in older adults, especially those with chronic conditions and injury. He has delivered over 100 professional presentations internationally and authored more than 30 journal articles reaching hundreds of thousands of fitness professionals around the world.

Your Functional Health Experts

JJ Virgin

Talk title: Sugar Impact Secret

Stephanie Matos

Talk title: How to Use Mindfulness for Sustainable Weight Loss

Isabel De Los Rios

Talk title: Beyond Diet—Peace and Happiness through Clean Eating

Craig Ballantyne

Talk title: Advanced Fat Loss Exercise Secrets

Mike Mutzel

Talk title: Importance of Muscle for Fat Loss

Dr. Brian Mowll

Talk title: How Blood Sugar affects the Brain

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Talk title: The Huge Challenge of Auto-Immune Disease

Mike Linares

Talk title: Simple Tips for Cardiovascular Health

Diana Keuilian

Talk title: Live Cooking in the Kitchen with the Recipe hacker

Rick Kaselj

Talk title: Solutions for Back Pain

Dr. Josh Axe

Talk title: Nutrition for Intestinal Health

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Talk title: Helping Women with Hormonal Imbalances

Carolyn Hansen

Talk title: The Unvarnished Truth About Achieving A Truly Healthy Lifestyle

Shaun Hadsall

Talk title: Are Carbs Bad?

Dr. Izabella Wentz

Talk title: Thyroid Pharmacist

Anthony Alayon

Talk title: Toxic Food Ingredients

See What 2014 HFS Attendees Had to Say:

Can you find an expert for writer’s cramp, because that’s what I have after taking pages of notes from these lectures, although ‘conversations’ is a better term! Such a gift to learn so much about health issues that concern not only me, but my family and friends. Let me add it was also very affirming to learn I was already doing some things the speakers recommended, but now I have tools to tweak them for even better results.

Can’t wait for the next summit, and I plan to notify others, including my healthcare professionals, so they can also benefit from this amazing line up of functional health experts. For now I’m going to urge them to buy their own copies to see what pearls of wisdom they, too, will find.

Thanks so much, FHS team!

~ Liz Shaw – Ohio

Thank you so much Dan. This summit has truly been life changing for me. Don’t stop! Keep offering functional health summits. We need this information. I only wish there were some Functional Health doctors in the Atlanta area. Regular medical doctors just don’t believe in testing the way Functional health doctors do.

Thanks again. This was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for offering the great price to buy these talks. My husband bought them for me on the first day!

~ Jan Workman

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Tyler Bramlett

Talk title: Life Transformation Habits

Dr. Frank Tortorice

Talk title: How Adrenal Stress is making you Diabetic

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Talk title: Vitality, Health, and Wellness


Marc David

Talk title: Psychology and Nutrition: The Perfect Union

Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Talk title: Cracking the Bikini Code: 6 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss Success

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Trudy Scott

Talk title: How to Overcome Anxiety, Negativity, and Emotional Overeating

Dr. Terry Wahls

Talk title: The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

Melissa Lanz

Talk title: Healthy and Happiest Begins in the Kitchen: The Fresh 20

Yuri Elkaim

Talk title: How to Set Your Metabolism to Burn Fat 24/7

Sayer Ji

Talk title: Making Informed Choices about Vaccinations

Dr. Sara Gottfried

Talk title: At Home in Your Body, At Last

Dr. Alan Christianson

Talk title: The Root Cause of Obesity

Lori Kennedy

Talk title: Choosing An Effective Diet Plan

Scott Colby

Title: How Happiness and Gratitude Can Play A Role In Losing Belly Fat


David Meine

Talk title: 3 Hr Fat Loss

Paige Adams

Talk title: Addressing today’s nutritional challenges with intravenous therapies and detoxification strategies

Dr. Dan Ritchie

Talk title: Anti Aging Tips, Turn back the clock 20 years

Dr. Cody Sipe

Talk title: How to maintain Vitality and Function well beyond what you thought possible

Dr. Peter Osborne

Talk title: Grainflammation: Why going “gluten” free might be fooling you

See What 2014 HFS Attendees Had to Say:

Dr. Ritchie I want to thank you and everyone involved in this Summit – A lot of work and thought went into it and I sincerely feel blessed to have been invited.

~ Sandra

Thank you for the Summit! I’m sure it was hard work. I received so much information, understanding and really life altering facts. I am now on a gluten free diet, have cut out all processed foods, no refined sugars and after a week feel fantastic, with lots of energy.

Please keep up your good work.

~ Margaret Lloyd

Hi Dr. Ritchie,

I felt so blessed to be able to connect with SO MANY experts in their respective fields. I am a Nutritional Science student at Iowa State University, getting ready to graduate in May. I’m excited to challenge my professors with my newfound information, and I am practically jumping out of my seat looking forward to sharing my knowledge with people!

Thank you for putting this event together, I look forward to more in the future.

~ Corrine Baker

Thanks for the summit – am relishing the info – Well done!

~ Deborah – Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Dr. Dan Ritchie,

I want to thank you personally for such and meaningful event. For me was the event that showed me the holistic image of changes that I have to make in order to get healthier. I started already with the Virgin diet and I changed the workout routine to Tabatta style exercises. My goal is to be able to enjoy life and to be functional and happy as long as possible.

The value of these kinds of events it is to shift thinking and to empower people to take control of their life and health. Thank you again for a life changing experience!

~ Monika

Grab our 2 FREE Bonuses for Registering….Instant Video from Dr. Peter Osborne and 31 Tasty Recipe Guide from Diana Keuilian!

  • 7 Habits of a highly effective Gluten Free Warrior
  • 31 Amazing Recipes that are Gluten and Dairy FREE!!
  • FREE when you Register Today

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