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Get Shaun Hadsall talking, and the first thing you’ll notice is his enthusiasm and energy. Owner of Get Lean In 12, he was one of 12 fitness instructors awarded Club Solution Magazine’s “Most-Fit Health Club Professional” and he’s the global license holder for a proprietary nutrition plan, called Macro-Patterning™, that’s been featured in two New York Times Best Selling books.

These accomplishments are a worthy addition to Hadsall’s awards and achievements in the fitness industry. A self-proclaimed “hillbilly from the small farm town of Birch Run, Michigan” Hadsall uses his humble beginnings to teach people around the world how to achieve a healthy life-style for the body, mind, and soul.

Coincidently, Hadsall admits that the catalyst for his current career and lifestyle began with another contest 16 years ago.

Although he was initially drawn to the contest for physical results, he quickly connected with success stories of past winners who had overcome obstacles that mirrored Shaun’s own challenges.

“I read a story about a father who had struggled because he wasn’t able to see his kids, and I immediately related to it.” Hadsall, a young father at the time, explains, “I wanted those changes in my own life. It inspired me to change my philosophy about fat loss and life, the people I hung out with, my lifestyle, and actually pursue legal visitation rights of my little girl.

By the end of the contest, I had joint custody of my daughter, had paid off all my debts, and mended broken relationships. Not to mention, I also had a brand new body.”

With over 200,000 entries and over 22,000 finishers, Shaun was fortunate enough to be 1st Runner-Up Grand Champion in the now famous Body for LIFE™ Contest.

Since that time, he’s helped over a thousand local residents in his home state of Michigan and has built a loyal Internet following of over 86,000 active readers.

Hadsall sees fitness as the anchor to strengthening every other area in life.

“When a person makes a decision to improve their health by eating right and exercising, it automatically becomes the catalyst to help them be successful in every other areas of their lives, whether it’s being a better parent or a better spouse. The majority of our followers even get more focused in their careers, their everyday activities, and even grow spiritually.”


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Shaun Hadsall