My name is Anthony Alayon and I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Certified Fitness Trainer.

I have always been into sports and loved reading the muscle building magazines growing up. You see, it has always been a passion of mine to follow fitness. I watch sports on tv just about every night growing up. It did not matter if it was baseball, football or basketball. I could not get enough of it.

Staying in shape and exercising was always easy as I stayed active. But getting my abs was a different story. No matter what I did, I could not see them until I met my high school weight lifting coach. So I will give you a brief overview of how I saw my abs for the first time with this story below.

“You should do it Alayon…what is the worst that can happen? Just try it out.”

I remember those words coming from my high school weight lifting coach like it was yesterday back in 2004 which was my junior year in high school. What I am referring to is my coach who wanted me to try out for Mr. Cougar. This was an annual bodybuilding show held at the school.

He told me, you already work out…why not follow the diet and compete. I must admit, I was very skeptical at first. I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Go out in front of my entire school in a speedo? What is wrong with you I told him!

I demanded and answer but after a week of talking with him, I told him I would at least try it out. So I follow the diet and 4 days later….YAWZA! It happened.

I was able to see the outline of my abs for the first time EVER!

I Became Obsessed

After following the diet and strength training program for 3 months, I won my weight class and took 2nd place overall.

The next year I came back with a vengeance and my senior year I won the show by a land slide. I used that philosophy/discipline to dominate college and study accounting. I had to discipline myself my junior year by not going out as much to the bars and partying like many of the other people were doing. I applied that same discipline from my bodybuilding show, to graduate with honors from The University of South Florida.

But There Was Still a Problem…

Even though I had abs, my health was not where it should be. I would constantly get heart burn, have stomach aches, lack energy and just didn’t feel good.

I began investigated the foods I was eating and while they were good for me, some of the added ingredients were NOT healthy!

So I began studying book and book and consulting some of the top nutritionists in the world for advice. I realized that some of the “so called” healthy foods have been tainted!

That is right, these foods are tainted with TOXIC ingredients that the GIANT food companies didn’t want us to know about. After I stopped eating these foods and replaced them with healthier alternatives, the results spoke for themselves.

I began to have more energy, my heartburn and indigestion were gone and I felt like a brand new person. I was able to think clearer and live life all by switching a few things in my diet.

This is my purpose in creating The Truth About Food Ingredients System…to reveal what these TOXIC ingredients are and how you too can replace them to restore your health today!

So feel free to check out the system and experience the same health benefits that I did.

Anthony Alayon’s Credibility

Vital Stats

Age: 28
Formal Education: Graduate School at University of South Florida. Degree in Accounting
Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist & Hard Kettlebell Certified


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Anthony Alayon