Yuri Elkaim is a health and fitness expert, holistic nutritionist, and The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling author of The All-Day Energy Diet. Other than his charming good looks :), he’s most famous for helping people enjoy all-day energy and amazing health in a very short period of time without radical diets or gimmicks. He’s also a former pro soccer player and served as the strength & conditioning and nutrition coach at the University of Toronto for 7 years. He’s on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2018. For more visitĀ www.YuriElkaim.com


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  • By: Debbie

    Yuri, thank you for talking about resistant starches. I love less ripe bananas, white potatoes and white rice. I often cook a batch of potatoes or rice for the week and keep in fridge to add with vegetables for meals. Are they still effective if rewarmed or does this cancel the benefits of cooling? Are pinto beans, kidney beans good resistant starch?

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