Dr. Frank Tortorice obtained his medical degree from the University of Rome in 1989. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics and is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor. He is in the process of becoming accredited with the Institute for Functional Medicine and has done advanced training in Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Kalish, DC. He serves as the doctor for the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. The Grand Opening of the Bay Area Wellness Center in Burlingame, CA will be in May of 2015. He has served as a speaker at the 2013 Functional Forum. His promotional product is “Ultinate Glucose Support Blend” Ultra Adrenal Bliss.

More information about Dr. Frank Tortorice can be found at diabesitydoc.com.


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  • By: Aurielle

    I would also appreciate a list of the ingredients in the Glucose Blend (not available on the speaker’s website.)

    • I think Dr. Tortorice mentioned the composition of the
      Glucose Blend in the presentation at about 30 minutes. I
      only can remember guarnicia cambogia, the rest I’ve haven’t
      heard of yet.

    • By: Gertrude van Voorden

      gymnena sylvestre, rhodiola, liquorice extract, garcinia cambogia, phenugreek, bitter melon, alpha lipoic
      acid and phenylalanine sulfate i believe was the last one. When you click on the product you often can
      enlarge the ingredients and thus read them

  • By: Frances James

    Dr Tortorice’s plan is to
    educate his patients.
    Patients need to feel
    that there is help via
    various tests to show
    where the problems
    are. Also the patient
    has responsibilities to
    work with the doctor.

  • By: Emily Reed

    Fabulous, Exceptional!!! Wish Dr Tortorice lived in New York…I have been
    searching for a doctor who could guide me to better health for well over 15
    years now. I have many of the problems he talked about and can NOT find
    anyone who would guide me in a plan to correct them. Does anyone know
    of doctors in the Albany, NY or surrounding area?

  • By: Claudia

    A great presentation. There is a lot
    to learn about our bodies. I wish I
    could visit his center and work with
    him to help my insulin resistance issue.
    I have not seen the promo code to
    purchase his product-the ultimate
    glucose support blend.

  • By: Suzie

    How do you get the free Bonus download? Not working.


  • By: Pamela

    The Free Bonus link leads to a
    product purchase page, $29 for a
    bottle of 90 Ultimate Glucose Support
    Blend, with no label showing
    ingredients or usage directions. I’d
    expected perhaps a text page
    explaining – something. Three
    attempts to reach them via the
    “contact us” link at the bottom of
    the page timed out, so I really have
    no idea what I might be looking for.
    BTW, I never purchase anything
    without the above information, so
    clarification would be helpful for

  • Why not emphasize a nutrient-dense
    diet and do a 3-day food journal
    instead of emphasizing so many
    supplements in the beginning?

  • By: Stefi

    Thank you
    Such admirable
    work &
    dedication to go
    beyond standard
    healthcare, to not
    leave any stone
    Anyone who has
    ever been sick
    enough, TRULY
    sick enough
    understands why
    starting with
    supplements to
    bring a person to
    a level of ability
    to think -feel to
    level 1 to then be
    able to start
    their wellness
    journey is why
    you need
    supplements Mr.
    Al D. Glad you
    aren’t that sick.

  • By: Lenora Everett

    Great talk! Thank-you!

    You mentioned using exercise to lower
    cortisol. Are there guidelines to
    let us know how to avoid exercising
    so hard or so much that it elevates
    cortisol? How would 30 minutes of
    High Intensity Interval Training that
    was recommended in an earlier talk
    impact cortisol?

  • By: Theresa

    Excellent information, thanks very
    much. But I could not access the
    promo code for the product. And
    where can I find the ingredients??

  • By: Jim

    For people questioning the Glucose Blend formulation not being disclosed
    or cannot discover it somewhere : for myself, this has always been a red flag,
    if not quickly discovered, hence, will not waste the energy or time on the
    product…also, if not a food based formulation , and info must tell you if
    food based and not a synthetic supplement, one should avoid. True that a
    food based formula may cost a bit more, however, it is the real deal, made
    by mother earth, and not a human in a lab.

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